Baltic Line is one of the largest enterprises in Russia, specializing in the manufacture of outerwear. It attracts not only Russian, but European customers. Great experience, qualified, efficient management, as well as advanced technology and modern sewing equipment from leading manufacturers in Japan, Germany and Britain guarantee the high quality of its products in accordance with European standards on the most favorable prices.

Our main task now - branding Baltik Line in Russia. We believe in success and methodically go through all the stages of a long journey to achieve it. We are young, energetic, able to think outside the box and quickly make decisions. Our goal - quality products and competent work with partners to form a company's image in the domestic market and take a decent level of our niche.

The main feature of our products - emphasized femininity, sensuality and extravagance, combined with practicality, style, convenience and originality.

Activities of the Baltic Line "earned many prestigious awards and prestigious diplomas. The introduction of high-performance equipment, computer-aided design, transport systems, new forms of organization of production allowed to increase the technical level of enterprises, as well as to produce high quality products.

Cooperation with us - is the key to success for our business partners!

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Company established in 1974, it employs over 500 people. Since 1994 she has successfully cooperated with major European companies in the long-term basis. MARKS & SPENCER, DAMO, FINN-FLARE, TURO TAILOR, MEXX ... these companies have already appreciated our competence, professionalism and unique competitive advantages for working with us.


Today, JSC "Baltic Line" is one of the most technically equipped with light industry of Russia. Production of high quality products is carried out on a high-performance process equipment.

In the process of manufacturing products the company uses the following types of equipment:


the preparatory workshop - promerochno-razbrakovochnye machines SHELTON

in the cutting shop - cutting tables, and flooring systems company BULLMER, automatic knife system company INVESTRONIKA, duplicating machine company KANNEGIESSER

in sewing shops - universal equipment company JUKI, special machinery firms STROBEL, DÜRKOPP, AMF, PEGASSUS, equipment wet-heat treatment VEIT, suspended automated system GERBER
* Embroidery machine allows you to decorate BARUDAN embroidery.

The company is constantly working to improve technology, conducts technical upgrading and modernization of production. The high level of production company "Baltic Line" is supported by:


introducing the most modern technologies develop and manufacture products;

scientific organization of the production process;

school staff;
* Obtain and analyze information on international best practice development and tailoring.

The company has extensive experience working on a cooperative basis as a customer's materials, as part of their own raw materials.

We are open for cooperation, so if the information about our opportunities you are interested, please contact us!